We value individual intellect 

as much as teamwork.  

James Fwu

G.M./ Licensed Naval Architect

Over 30 years of management experiences in ship design and manufacture management, yachting business, ocean engineering, composite material applications and project management. 

Registered and licensed naval architect  (Taiwan).

Arbitrator (Chinese Arbitration Association, Taipei). 


Master & Bachelor of Science, Department of Naval Architecture College of Engineering, National Taiwan University. 

Master of EMBA , National Sun Yat-Sen University.                      

Program of Law, Open University of Kaohsiung.


Cherry Wang

Finance Manager 

Over 30 years of working experience in finance and accounting field, in serving cross over Taiwan local SMEs and listing company, European and global Fortune 200 manufacturing company. 

Operating Manager 

Formerly secretary to President of Nova Marine,sales specialist to GM of Premier Yacht, yachting department manager of Argo Yacht. More then 20 years experiences in shipyard sales/ procurement, after service and yachting fleet management of yacht club.   

Procurement Qualification (Basic) 

(Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan. )

Jim Wu

Engineering & Quality Manager

Specialized in classification survey, CFD & FEM computational analysis, basic & structural design. Extensive experiences in preliminary design and planning for motor yacht classification projects.

QC Qualification 

 (Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan.)

Allen Lin

Naval Architect

Specialized in 3-D modeling, basic design, system engineering and integration. Boat Design, Structure & Stability, Electricity System, Survey.

QC Qualification

(Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan.)

Simon Su

Naval Architect

Specialized in shipyard production plan & on site Quality Control. 3-D modeling, Boat Design, Machinery System, Structure & Stability, Survey.

QC Qualification 

(Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan.)

Bellic Lin

Naval Architect 

Specialized in 3-D modeling, basic design. In charge of generating functional/ production design drawings.

Jeff Hong

Naval Architect 

Specialized in 3-D modeling, Industrial Wiring, Machining. In charge of generating functional/ production design drawings.

QC Qualification 

 (Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan.)

Beatrice Liu

Affiliate Consultant                    

Contract Manager                             

Guide the specification development of custom projects in the best direction for the client and the shipyard. Overseeing subcontract preparation, negotiation, and T&Cs review.

Howard Chen

Affiliate Consultant        

Civil Architect/ Interior Designer  

Over 20 years of experience in civil engineering, interior design and yachting business. Specialized in 3-D modeling & rendering, exterior styling & interior design, CNC kits for accommodation walls and furniture assemblies. 

James Fu

Affiliate Partner - Falkand Islands 

After military service,  on board Falkand Islands, mainly coordinate Fishing vessels business.