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Shipbuilding Consultancy & Project Management

Our team serves as a liaison among the captain, the shipyard, the owner and all parties involved. Leveraging our track record of success and experience in the field, we are able to offer valuable advice on selecting the best shipyard and contractors to carry out the type of services our clients need. We have developed our own expertise that ensures every project is done to specification within the agreed upon time and budget. We provide comprehensive contracts management with shipowner, shipyard and subcontractors.

Our services includes:

    • New vessel construction: for shipowner – create Request for Proposal (RFP) and specification, provide budget estimation; for shipyard – provide preliminary and/or critical design and engineering service, generate drawings and documentation required for classification or registration.

    • Conversion-related services: solve problems regarding conversions which alter the tonnage particulars or dead weight; all types of ship conversions (e.g. fishing boat to be converted to passenger boat); ship conversion due to latest maritime regulations.

    • Refitting service: feasibility studies; recommendation of suitable and qualified refit yards; negotiating quotes from yards and contractors.

Ship Classification Services & Compliance Review

    • Per shipowner or shipyard’s request, we provide total solutions with regard to the rules and guidelines for the classification of ships and other floating marine structures, handling their design, construction, and operational maintenance in order to determine the structural and mechanical fitness for their intended purposes.

    • We cooperate closely with prominent international and local classification societies (e.g., BV, DNV, RINA, CCS, CS...) and comply with the International Maritime Convention as well as flag state rules to ensure ships are built to standards.

    • In connection with domestic and international supply chains, we continue to explore and seize additional opportunities such as partnership with exclusive agents for type-approved maritime equipment and other offshore support services.

Boat Damage Survey & Repair Evaluation

    • On site survey,repair plan and suggestion.

Shipyard Design & Plan

    • Per owner's demand of boat types, function, production ability, facility and budget, we provide design, production layout, production,quality control and finance review of shipyard.

Yacht Club & Marina Management

    • Management plan .

    • Marina layout / berth plan

    • Repair and Maintain consultant

Purse Seiner Management

Selected Portfolio

High-speed patrol vessels for Coast Guard:

  • Project management

  • Oversight of construction

  • Engineering consultancy

Design, Manufacturing & Project Management: (left) 150ft M/Y "Polaris" (steel/aluminum) BV ICE Class, 2014; (middle) 105ft Tri-Deck long range explorer (DNV/Cayman Island MCA certificate), 2007; (right) 115ft Tri-Deck explorer (steel hull/composite superstructure, BV Class, 2013)

148ft, 132ft,136ft (from left to right) super yachts design, manufacturing & project management (2009-2012)

30'-100' M/Y Design, Manufacturing & Project Management (20+ types, over 150 units delivered)

Owner's representative for the supervision of three new-built 75m, 1730GT purse seine vessels at Fujian Mawei shipyard. (2016-2018)

Damage investigation, preparation of detailed damage report, development of repair specifications. (26+ projects)

Shipyard Planning & Construction (Premier Yard 2005-06,DNV / OHSAS Certified)